Hear from clients who have worked with me

Take a minute to read (below) some of the testimonies of those who have worked with me and benefitted from accessing professional counselling.

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Amy is approachable, calm and warm. I have been able to express my thoughts and feelings in a comfortable environment. Amy listens to everything I have to say and I feel I am heard. She responds with comments which enables me to reflect and see things in completing different ways. Amy has shared theories and encouraged me to take part in activities that have been extremely beneficial.  I have gained a better understanding of 'me' and the importance of self-worth and self-awareness. She has certainly helped me to think about strategies about how to deal with the anxiety and stress in my life. It has been a valued experience of personal reflection.

“Crown counselling gave me the space I needed to freely discuss my thoughts and feelings, without the fear of being judged or dismissed. Not only did I have that space to reflect on my relationships but I also got to understand and know myself better…and for that I will always be extremely grateful to Amy and the space she created for me.”