What is Counselling and how does it work?

Counselling or Psychotherapy is a process that an individual embarks upon to process and explore feelings, issues and challenges in their life. 

In Person-Centred counselling (one type of approach, there are many!) this process is supported by the counsellor who offers a safe space, acceptance, empathic understanding and a type of 'genuiness'. The plan is that ultimately, the client experiences a better understanding of who they are and a change in their circumstances leading to a more whole and fulfilling life. 

The emphasis is also on the relationship between client and counsellor. It is important that the client feels at ease and comfortable enough (with time) to open up about their uncensored thoughts, feelings and present experiences. 

I work in an 'integrative' way which means that I use a variety of tools and approaches appropriate to each clients needs, however the core of my practice is Person-Centred. I offer in-person Therapy based in Milton Keynes as well as online sessions via Zoom.

Person-Centred counselling works with the client's agenda, you lead the sessions and bring whatever you would like to our time together. I may ask questions, offer perspective and challenge you to assist in the process but I am not here to direct you. 

I like to think of it like we are walking down a dark path together, you are leading the way and I am behind you walking with you, perhaps shining a light at times or suggesting a path we could take but you are determining the direction!

Image by Ugne Vasyliute